Scrum Master

Scrum is facilitated by a Scrum Master, sometimes written as ScrumMaster, who is accountable for removing impediments to the ability of the team to deliver the sprint goal/deliverables. The Scrum Master is not the team leader, but acts as a buffer between the team and any distracting influences. The Scrum Master ensures that the Scrum process is used as intended. The Scrum Master is the enforcer of rules. A key part of the Scrum Master’s role is to protect the Development Team and keep it focused on the tasks at hand. The role has also been referred to as a servant-leader  to reinforce these dual perspectives.

Removes Obstacles

The ScrumMaster is responsible for clearing the path of obstacles and interruptions so that the development team can work unimpeded. The ScrumMaster knows that the “potentially shippable product increment” must be achieved by the end of the sprint, otherwise there is no hope for inspection and resulting adaptation. The ScrumMaster is the keeper of the empirical process and understands how keeping issues at bay can help the team achieve its goals.  

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Scrum Process Steward

The Professional ScrumMaster understands the need for well-facilitated, timely meetings - they create the “heartbeat”, or cadence, of the project.

Getting the right people together at the right time to solve problems is an art, not a science.

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Teaches Others

A Professional ScrumMaster is knowledgeable about the process and can explain why the meetings, roles and artifacts exist, and how they benefit the organization.

The ScrumMaster also realizes that Scrum is more about organizational change and knows that she will have to often step into the role of the change agent. The ScrumMaster must not be afraid to teach and lead others.

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