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One thing we’ve learned over the past decade is that agile practices are new, and New = Scary for most people. Managers especially struggle with agile concepts mostly due to its focus on the self-managed team and adaptive (vs. predictive) planning.

  • Executives must think differently about how initiatives are funded, planned and executed.
  • Managers must change their mindset to enablement and empowerment, versus micromanagement.
  • Human resources must ensure that their performance review processes are engineered for agility (we find most are not, initially).

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Educated and confident

Educated, open-minded, confident managers can catapult agile transitions to success, whereas misinformed, fearful managers can stomp it into the ground.

We have coached many managers and executives over the past decade to help them learn how to support an agile framework and utilize an agile mindset to discover new ways of adding value to the organization.