No matter how supportive you are of your organization’s move to Agile, you may find that you struggle a bit with adjusting to the changes in your role.   Chances are you were promoted for your technical skills and your ability to lead projects – but it may feel like the rules have changed and you’re not quite sure what’s expected anymore.   Here’s a few questions that may help you assess how far along you are in your own transition to a new way of doing things.

The Team

First and foremost, you should ensure that your scrum teams are set up for success.   Things you might consider include:

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1. you still think you can derive actuals from a burndown chart

2. you come to your team’s daily standup and everyone reports to you

3. you have no idea who your product owner is

4. you still think of a sprint as a race where team members compete to see who can stay late to do the most work the fastest

5. you try to find the critical path in your team’s sprint backlog

6. you need buckets at sprint planning meetings to collect the drool of team members who catatonically sit around the conference table as you to type tasks into a spreadsheet

7. you would love agile if you could only figure out how to get your team to perfectly estimate story cards so that you can tell your stakeholders exactly when they’ll get everything they want

8. you lock down the product backlog.

9. you think release planning is something you do on your way to the bathroom

10. everyone has offices and gosh darn it, they LIKE them!

11. you think sticky notes are for wimps

12. when you hear ‘heroics’ you think of Rocky

13. you terminate sprints when team members don’t stay late to work on stuff

14. you hold two daily standups per day because if one is good, then two must be better!

15. you think t-shirt size estimating is ridiculous