The PMI-ACP is an up-and-coming certification that is generating a lot of interest in both the project management and the wider Agile community.   Normally, this certification requires a 3 day prep class in order to cover most of the material and provide the 21 training hours to qualify for the exam.   But what if you're a CSM or a CSPO?  What if you've been "doing" and "being" agile for a year or more?  If you've been actively working in a Scrum framework, you probably already know about half of what is required to pass the PMI-ACP exam.   In fact, you'd probably find some of the normal 3 day prep class to be a waste of your time.   So what can you do to learn the "other" key skills and knowledge for this new certification?

Because we've trained so many people on Agile over the last several years, we've decided to offer a 1 day class just for experienced Scrum practitioners.   We'll cover a few key points to remember from Scrum but we'll focus mostly on the other areas covered in the test such as XP, Lean, value stream mapping, release level planning, roadmaps, the PMI code of ethics, emotional intelligence, Kano analysis, exam study tips and much more.   This class is ONLY appropriate for people with a strong Agile background, but if that's you, this prep class can save you time and money while giving you most of what you need to prepare for the exam.

We're going to offer this both on weekdays and Saturday to provide options that best meet your schedule and work commitments.   It's going to be offered as a virtual class - so you can take it from anywhere as long as you have a phone and access to the internet.  While we will cover a lot of information in 1 packed day, we'll still have some exercises to keep it lively and you'll get a variety of material to use as part of your study plan afterwards.

How do you know if this is the right course for you?   You should be familiar with the concept of sprints or iterations, stand up meetings, product backlogs, burn down charts, writing user stories, story points, team velocity, backlog grooming, and retrospectives.   We'll still hit those at a high level but if you're not comfortable with most everything on that list, you may want to consider the full 3 day class (which we will also be teaching virtually soon!)

We're excited about teaching this new prep class.   If you're not sure if it's the right one for you, contact us and we'll help you decide.  See our training page for more details or to sign up!